Psycho Pass: Akane Tsunemori (常守 朱) 

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beasts that exist for the sake of hunting other beasts.
they are enforcers.

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"I am sorry, Aoba… but I think I really can’t hold back any longer…"

"…!! Wait, Ren, don’t…! ..ah…"

Happy birthday for Aoba, Ren, and Sei owo/

That one human who can give a god of calamity all the feels.

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you don’t know pain until you fall in love with a minor character.

Hey, The Nurses said you were Sleeping Beauty, Shiro.
But you hardly are a princess, right?

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Hugging the bae when he don’t know ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

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"Hades-san, you're getting sepera--"
"Stay back. Do you want to be miserable?"
"Huh? Um, I.."
"I accepted Apollon's invitation to this sunny
seaside school, but I am staying away farther
than usual, so as not to ruin it with my misery."

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Kisaragi Shintaro || Mekakucity Actors ep 1

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[2/∞ favorite characters]

Takao Kazunari.